Team Effectiveness


When the team is clear on the the common goal and can see clearly their contribution, team is highly motivated and working as a group rather than as individuals to achieve company’s greater goal.

Business Process Management is a powerful tool companies shall use in order to keep all aspects of operations running optimally. BPM showed a clear correlation towards increased motivation of employees.

In order to become and/or to remain competitive and successful, companies must continuously improve their business processes. Failure to do so is not only likely to result in lower revenue and higher operational costs, but also in less motivated team. The more the team is motivated and clear on company’s objectives the more successful a business will be. BPM assist companies to achieve a more effective and satisfied team.

“If you treat your employees like they make a difference,  they will”.  Jim Goodnight

Employees need feedback as well as management and shareholders, accurate information and reports are essential for management to make better decision, but they are also essential for employees to make a better job. Money isnt the major motivational tool anymore for today’s employees. It has proven that among other things such as recognition, training, promotions, personal and professional growth, a key to motivated employee is a clear understanding of the company’s goal, objectives, their contribution and value to the business. It is also essential to involve the team in improving processes and eliminate wastage of their time as well, provide the right tools and technology will ensure employees are happy and motivated.