Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Is your service available for small businesses as well?

A. Every business requires our services, it is recommended for bigger businesses to invest more heavily in a BPM (business process management) system because they usually tend to have a more complex and larger amount of business processes that require closer monitoring and optimization. However, it is also proven to be cost efficient and increases productivity for small businesses, as it optimizes the work flow, reduces waste and allows you manage your business to its full potential, with a low number of employees. You receive a clear view of the work process and accurate reports which help you to make more precise business decisions accordingly.

Q? Why do I need BPM in my business?

A. There are several benefits to using BPM in your business, and the main and most important to all business owners is that it increases your business’s profitability.

Your team is more motivated, effective and productive, the time management is improved. As collecting data and info is monitored and recorded, it’s easier for higher management to make more knowledgeable cost efficient decisions based on more accurate reports and info.

Q? How can I learn more on your services?

A. You are welcome to check the “Services” section of our website to learn more about the services we provide.

We currently offer three types of packages: introductory, silver, and ultimate packages.

Q? Is your service guarantee to increase my business profitability?

A. 100%, if our services and advice are implemented correctly and followed through, it is guaranteed that you will increase your business’s profitability. Any client we have worked with had an immediate impact on their cost efficiency, and ultimately, increased profitability.

Q? How can I contact you?

A. You can contact us via our contact us form or via email to admin @ adaptsolution.com.

Q? In what languages you are offering your services?

A. Currently we only offer our services in English, but we are available at your business location worldwide.

Q? Where can I learn more about BPM ?

A. You are welcome to visit our resources section. Here we publish articles on BPM, and provide further reference and guidelines.