Business process automation, or BPA, is a term that has gained a lot of attention in the business world recently, especially among management. The idea of saving time—and therefore money—through the automation of repetitive tasks is a concept that appeals to professionals around the world, although a proper understanding of how technology functions best must be achieved before any real steps can take place.

Business process automation is better suited to a certain type of task and here Adapt Solution will take a look at how businesses can use this technology to streamline workflow and become more efficient (and save money in the process!).

  • Hiring

Every company needs employees in order to properly function, and while some may think that hiring new staff is a simple process, anyone who has sorted through endless CV’s in the quest to find the perfect applicant knows the truth is far from simple.

By incorporating an automation program, the tedious aspects of the process—like filling out employee information forms, setting interview appointments, and collecting and organizing documents—can be streamlined to reduce the required actual man-hours.

  • Tax, Receipts and Payment

In the world of digital retail there are several ways that business process automation software can be utilized to streamline workflow, one of which is through applying this technology to tedious—but necessary—processes. With every purchase a specific progression of monetary practices must be properly followed; by utilizing these automation programs businesses can save time and money that would otherwise be spent filling out endless forms and simultaneously reduce the risk of error and employee burnout.

  • Chatbots

Social media has become an essential element of business, both online and for brick and mortar establishments. Interacting with a digital customer base is one the best ways to improve traffic and sales, but dealing with thousands of different individual customers can be overwhelming. One solution is to use chatbots to reply to specific queries and questions. While it is not a complete solution—real human interaction is important to maintain and improve customer relations—these tools can be used to reduce the need for staff to answer every basic and repetitive question.

  • Contact Forms

Another place where business process automation software can improve performance and streamline workflow is through the use of automated contact forms. Online business especially can benefit from these services: every day a busy digital retail business might need to take the contact details of dozens, if not hundreds, of individual customers. The repetitive nature of the task makes it a great opportunity for automation.

While not every task can be automated, in the growing world of digital and online business the opportunities for BPA continue to grow and these are just a few examples of the way the business process automation can be implemented to improve efficiency and performance.

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