‘People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily’. Ziglar

Once business processes are well defined and optimized it create a clear picture for employees and management as one, everybody share the same goal and it is known fact that a group works better and more motivated when they feel more transparency in their work place and they share the business goal.

Process is in fact the  flow of business activities, and BPM allows employees to clearly see  those activities as connected towards the achievement of the business goal.  The team feels more involved in the process thus automatically their motivation increases. Management can monitor the work more closely and easily and in return provide essential feedback to the team.

Optimizing processes for the benefit of employees as well as the company

The core idea of BPM is to optimize the processes of the business, eliminate wastage and redundancy of work. There is nothing more frustrated than an employee coming to work feeling s/he is doing something that can be done more effectively automated, with more advanced technology or if the employee feels s/he doesn’t need to think in order to complete the task in hand. BPM automate processes and by this employees can focus on a more productive processes and feel their input and contribution matters.

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