Any company will benefit from business process optimization through automation. Utilizing BPM tools will reveal all business processes and allow the company’s management to evaluate the different methods and optimize them accordingly.

There are several critical benefits of BPO (Business process optimization);

  • Immediate increases in efficiency
  • Accountability– clear responsibility for tasks/ process owners
  • Centralized, accurate and secure data and resources
  • Flexibility – more straightforward to make changes in light of new and changing demands
  • Better monitoring and time management

Now that we know the benefits of optimizing business processes and their management, how do you go about achieving the next level of functionality?

One option that leaders in online industries continue to look to is automation. Thanks to leaps in digital technologies, more and more business processes can be automated, and the benefits of utilizing automation are broad and far-reaching.

  • Identifying Areas of Opportunity for Business Process Automation

The first step in BPA is a robust business process management system. Once each step in the process that brings a completed, functional product to the hands of the customer is understood, a management team can identify areas where automation is successfully utilized.

The most common business processes automation can be applied to are repetitive and tedious tasks. With businesses losing an estimated $140 m annually to duplication of efforts, user error, and wasted time, it is little surprise that so many companies are jumping on the business process automation bandwagon.

By delegating tedious and repetitive processes to automated functions, human error is reduced, profits increase, and employee morale goes up. It also frees team members to focus on more complex tasks that require human intellect and problem-solving skills.

The automation of these repetitive tasks is also commonly known as robotic process automation since it is focused on processes, while true BPA is data-driven.

  • Business Process Automation and Big Data

Digital industries are increasingly reliant on massive data sets to remain viable in a changing market place. In many cases, this means an increased need for data management, and often the sheer amount of data needed for valuable analysis is staggering.

More and more online companies are looking to automation to more effectively manage their data. Data management is one area that is exceptionally well suited for automation: continually updated data sets and automated programs that follow strict procedural rules can lead to a much more meaningful analysis of this information.

  • Business Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

The leading edge of business process automation sees the addition of newer, more versatile technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

While the automation of single, repetitive tasks can be incredibly useful, by incorporating these newer technologies, far more complex goals can be achieved through automation.

Machine learning allows computers to learn from previous examples and act accordingly without the need to be explicitly programmed.

Another aspect of artificial intelligence that holds massive potential for business process automation is known as natural language processing (NLP). This allows computers to interact with raw linguistic data, essentially allowing a computer to read and derive meaning from human languages. This can lead to automated social interactions: sophisticated chatbots are one example that can benefit from NLP.

For online companies that are always on the lookout for new ways to increase profitability and remain viable in a fast-changing market, BPA provides a wealth of opportunities.

From single RPA programs that can consistently and accurately perform repetitive tasks, to more comprehensive, end-to-end optimization that uses cutting edge AI, it seems the future of online industries truly is in business process automation.

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