The world of modern businesses, especially online industries, is increasingly driven by data. Everything from sales figures, website traffic, and business process management generates valuable data that can be utilized to increase profitability. However, these massive caches of information are useless when viewed in their raw form. This is where business intelligence systems enter the picture.

By reorganizing raw data into visually understandable information, Adapt Solution business intelligence systems provide companies with a tool that allows them to improve decision making. However, reporting and visualizations are just a glimpse of how BI can have a profound effect on practices and, in turn, their profitability.

  • Implementing Business Intelligence Systems

These software programs must first have access to the raw data that will be used to generate and analyze useable information. This data can be drawn from a variety of systems and examined using a comprehensive approach.

These data sets are then cleaned, transformed, and stored within a data warehouse, ready for further analysis.

Users can utilize business systems to ask queries, create reports and visualize data concerning other data sets to see relationships, corresponding trends and execute any number of different analytical processes.

  • Potential Uses of Business Intelligence Systems

More and more business owners are coming to realize the potential uses for business intelligence systems are practically endless. Here we will look at just a few possible applications to gain a better understanding of how these technologies can improve and streamline business practices.

  • Warehousing Employee Data

Just as online business has to manage customer data efficiently, employee data must be organized effectively. Payroll, Human Resources, and employee sales figures can all be stored and analyzed using intelligence systems to better understand and optimize business processes.

  •  eCommerce Analysis

Large online retailers often have massive numbers of customers, and manually keeping track of purchasing habits, average purchase prices, and shipping information can seem overwhelming. Through the implementation of BI, the customer’s raw data can be reorganized into useable formats that allow businesses to understand their customer’s habits and preferences better and therefore provide a more personalized and enjoyable customer experience.

  •  Predicting Future Trends

Another exciting way that business intelligence systems can be powered by Adapt Solution is through an analysis of historical data to forecast future trends. This can help online retailers to manage their inventory better and reduce wastage and dead stock. These predictive forecasting tools can provide valuable insights and increase efficiency across many industries.

  • Reporting

Business intelligence systems can also draw on these vast caches of data to create reports that rank the performance of any number of business processes.  By utilizing data for all of the above use cases, easy to understand visualizations can be produced that help managers and executives make more informed decisions, leading to improved business practices and increased profits.

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